Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Headed to Oklahoma

After sitting in a barn for the last year and half or so, the boat is now headed to Oklahoma where work will start in earnest on restoring her. The goal is to have her in the water for the 2015 boating season.

The key areas that need to be addressed are all of the ply wood parts need to be replaced. The transom needs to be replaced and of course all of the upholstery. The overall hull seems to be in pretty good condition. Before any work starts I am going to have one of the local ACBS experts on fiberglass give me his thoughts on the project. Hopefully the answer is that all is well with the hull and we are mainly looking at repairing. The most extensive part of the project will be replacement of the transom as well as replacement of the transom corners. They were lost or failed many years ago and there are only plates there now holding the corners together.

Here are some more pictures of loading her on the trailer. A neighbor used his tractor to tow it out of the barn. Then we put the tongue of the boat trailer onto the flatbed trailer. After that we used the tractor to push the boat into position. Finally the tractor was used to lift the stern of the boat on to the trailer.

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