Monday, December 24, 2012

Carb Rebuild

After a second attempt at getting her to start, it was obvious that something was wrong with the carb. Fuel is just dripping out of the carb body. Called my local dealer and they actually had the carb kit of the motor. On the way back with the kit I grabbed a gallon of chemtool parts cleaner. The carb came off easy enough. Then I removed the choke pressure acctuator, and the float bowl. The float was in pieces and the needle valve was shot as well as the fuel inlet valve. With it completely apart, all the parts went into the basket and then into the parts cleaner. Then I walked away for 24 hours. Next day I pulled the parts out and all the old crud and paint were coming off. Over to the sink and lots of hot water later the parts looked brand new. Back to the work bench where new parts from the carb kit were installed. Carb was reassembled and made ready to put back on the motor.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tried to start the motor

Well, I got the motor all wired up and the rebuilt starter installed. Primed the gas lines and made sure that everything was tight and no leaks. All looked good. With the plugs out I verified that there was spark on both of them. Decided to spin the motor a little more before putting in the plugs to pull fuel and oil into all of the bearings. It has been a while since she ran. Then I installed the plugs and left the wires off. Starter turned the motor over nice and smooth. Installed the plugs. Moment of truth. After a little cranking she back fired again and again. Hmmm. Advanced the throttle a little. After a couple of tries and working with the joke I got a sustained run for a few seconds but then she died. Figured I was starting to make some progress though. Next time I went to start though, the starter just spun the fly wheel. Suddenly I realized my mistake !! I forgot to install the fly wheel nut !! Yes I had done some checks on the ignition system but I forgot to tighten the nut. So take it apart and sure enough the woodruff key is sheared. Decided to pack it in for the evening. Here are some photos.

My test stand and test tank.

What is left of the woodruf key after a couple of starting attempts with the fly wheel not properly tightened.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Looks like a motor again

Got the motor hanging back on the pan then replaced all of the rubber hoses. This is a very important step. The hoses that were there looked ok, but they were all very rotten.

 Shop also called saying the starter was ready for pickup. So at this point the plan is to mount the starter and then get the wiring figured out. Then turn her over with the starter to confirm that I have a good spark on both cylinders. Then time to see if she will start.