Saturday, January 5, 2013

Engine is Running

After my attempts to get things going without success I pulled the carb and soaked it in cleaner. Then I installed a carb kit and put it all back together. Setup my test tank (just a garbage can full of water) and tried to start it. No fire, no cough, nothing !!! Then I realized the plug wires were not installed on the plugs !! Arg. I installed the wires, hit the key and she fired right up to a nice smooth idle. 

Picture of it running showing my test setup.

Here is some video of it running.

While the engine was running at idle I shifted the motor into both forward and reverse gear. All seemed to work fine there. After the engine run I drained my test tank. The lower unit was covered in exhaust goop. Gear box was ok. Picture of lower unit after test run.

With the test run complete its time to finish up the trim details and start putting all the cowling parts back on the motor.