Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mostly apart

Well I pulled all of the bolts out and separated the motor from the holder. Photo below shows just the holder. Now have to get it cleaned up and ready for paint.
Once the power unit was off the holder I separated the lower unit. It came of pretty easy. Here is the power unit with the lower unit removed. The little hole in the side with the cover missing is where you loosen the screw to disconnect the shift shaft actuator.
Put the lower unit on the stand and pulled the water pump. All the bits and pieces are in good shape. Of course it needs a new water pump.
Next step is to find all the parts, probably on eBay, to actually perform the extension.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Taking the Motor Apart

Pulled the drive shaft cover off the back of the motor. Discovered that in the gap between the cosmetic drive shaft cover and actual drive shaft housing a critter had setup house keeping. And then at some point had died there. So the source of the smell no longer a mystery. Shop vacuum took care of the nest and the derbies. Took a good look at the engine mounts and figured out how to pull the power and drive section out of the mounts.

Decided to see how stripping the cover I had removed would go. Sprayed it with an aerosol  stripper. The can all but exploded. Will be taking that back to Lowes for a refund. However, some of the stripper did get sprayed on to the part. This picture shows it at the start of the stripping process.
Next I tried a can of strong engine degreaser. That seemed to work . It seemed to remove the repaint that some one had done in the past without too much damage to the under lying paint. Washed out a good amount of grease and grime from inside the housing.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Points Points Points

First off, at some point this blog will be about working on a 1961 Crestliner, for now though it is about working on the motor that will push the boat. So I got new points and a coil and installed them and there was NO spark. Started looking around and trying to figure out what is going on. Took all the wires off of the points and hooked up some leads. Found out that the points were not closing all the way. They were opening but not closing. A couple of adjustments later and Spark appeared !!! Time to start cleaning up the motor. Here is a picture of the magneto assembly ready to go. Just have to  put the fly wheel back in place.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Replaced Points

So I replaced the non-firing points and condenser. Also replaced the points grounding wire. Then all the parts were put back on the motor. Guess what NO spark on the upper cylinder. Hmmm. So I dug into it a little. After ringing all kinds of circuits I realized that everything rings to ground !!! Well that was not very useful. So I removed the coil and realized that there is a little metal piece through the middle of the coil. On the firing coil that piece rings to ground. On the non-firing coil it rings to nothing. So a new coil ?? One has been ordered along with some new spark plug wires. This is getting frustrating. Once the parts are here I will report if we have fire on the upper cylinder.

A couple of useful links on old OMC engines 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Motor Spark Check

Before I go to far on this motor I have this desire to hear it run. Ok knowing I want to restore it to factory original maybe that is some what unrealistic and maybe not worth the effort, but if I am just pulling the power head vs tearing it completely down seems useful. So I pulled both plugs and went hunting for a spark. The good news is there is spark on the lower plug. There is nothing on the upper plug. Time to go find wiring diagrams because there are all kinds of wires that I don't fully understand. Found wiring diagrams at Studied them for a while and determined that my vacuum cutout switch was probably grounding the one coil. So I removed that coil wire from the vacuum switch and tried again. Still no spark. So at this point who knows. Maybe something I am missing or maybe something broken. Coil or points.