Friday, November 23, 2012

Putting the motor together

Installed the pivot parts today. Slid the lower motor mount on to the tilt mechanism and then installed the nylon bushings and lower snap ring. Next I slid the main shaft into the bushings and installed retaining bolt. When this is all done you get something like this.
Next I took the motor pan and bolted it to the bracket. Then started installing the other bits and pieces. Several of the little bits and pieces needed painting.
Once you get it together you get something like the picture above. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tilt / Mount Assembly

With the parts painted it is time to start putting the mount back together. The first picture shows the two exterior brackets.
This next photo shows the interior  mounting bracket ready to install along with the lock and unlock lever

So now the idea is the lever has to go into the little slot on the front of the interior mounting bracket and connect to the rod that locks and unlocks the motor tilt. So you slide the lever into place and it hits the various pieces on the bracket. And guess what it does not work. So I fiddled around with it and finally figured out that the lever does not go in straight, it goes back into one of the pockets. The picture shows how the lever fits back in there and hooks up to everything.

You will also notice in the picture that one of the side brackets is already installed. This just makes it easier at this point. Next slide the lock bracket into place and slide on the other bracket. Then put the retaining nut in place. The end result from the backside should look something like this. You can also see the spring that keeps the tilt pin lock in its proper place.
So here it is all back together and ready for the next step of assembly.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Paint Showed up

The paint came in to finish working on the motor. Sprayed the center tilt assembly with a couple of coats. Hopefully start reassembly of the main motor mount section this week. By the way I get the paint from this website. Check it out, he has all of the color charts for all of the various years of the motor as well as having all of the paint available. Easy to work with over the phone or via e-mail once you are an established customer.