Monday, March 24, 2014

Taking The Transom Apart

To replace the wood in the transom I am using a Porter Strait oscillating saw tool to cut off the layer of fiberglass to expose the wood. So far this is working great. Good depth control, ability to plunge cut and good over all control. I don't want to go through the thin outer hull material. Based on how easily the cutter was working I decided that there must be bad wood underneath. The photos show that clearly thing were rotten all over the transom. The wood is still wet even though she has been under cover now for 3 months.

Portside transom is gone. Crumbled as I pulled off the face sheet.

Starboard side transom showing soft area and how easily the face sheet of fiberglass is pulling off. 

Also note how I cut the stringers back from the transom. Once the wood is replaced and the fiberglass skin redone I will then glass the stringers back into the transom.