Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trailer Rebuild

So the trailer had to be rebuilt somewhat so that the boat can be taken to a workshop. Started looking at the components and decided that the axle and spindles were ok to use, however, the leaf springs and hangars were questionable. I headed over to A&N trailer in Tulsa and found all the parts that I needed, new springs and hangars. Got the old parts off and then welded on the new hangars. Put it back together and nothing fit !! The problem is the new hangars move the springs outboard a little bit compared to the old hangars, so now the holes in the axle for the bolts in the springs don't line up. What to do? I head back to A&N and ask for a 1.5" square axle spring seat. They have nothing. They have not sold a 1.5" square axle part in years. Ok, I knew that from the first trip because they sold me 1.75" axle plates and U-Bolts. The lady behind the counter said I do have 1.75" round axle seats. We get one out and start doing some measurements and discover that it is slightly less than 1.5" wide so I turn it sideways on the axle and put it all back together. As I cranked down the U-bolts it effectively swaged the axle seat onto to the axle. Problem solved. After the axle was back on I installed new wheels and tires. The old ones were 6.00-9 which also has not been available in a long time so we put on standard 12" tires. At this point it is all back together and ready to roll. Next step is to install two new bunk boards and complete the wiring of the lights. Will I get it all done by Saturday. We hope.

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